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Pursuant to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) pushing the pandemic narrative since 2005, questions have arisen about the legitimacy of the WHO’s five “emergency declarations.” Since not one pandemic arrived after their shrill clarion calls, should rely on these global health institutions for accurate medical information? Or, are these scenarios created simply to turn on the money spigot, flowing billions into pharma’s already overflowing money buckets?

The most recent hysteria n recent memory in 2005, with the hysteria over the coming Bird Flu pandemic. The bird flu hype appeared on the world stage in May 1997 through an ironically innocent setting. A Hong Kong pre-school had set up a small petting zoo on its grounds, making a home for five chickens and eight ducks. The children were delighted to spend time with their new, feathered friends. Several days after the school aviary began, a three-year-old boy in the class began to cough. The illness and fever progressed rapidly and the boy’s parents rushed him to Victoria Hospital where he was admitted with pneumonia and respiratory distress.

Six days later the child died suddenly from complications that included Reye’s syndrome, adult respiratory distress syndrome, and multiple organ system failure. During his hospital stay, attending physicians noted that the boy had been treated with aspirin. The doctors requested an autopsy to determine why the boy had died, but the results were perplexing. Pathologists found no underlying immunodeficiency or cardiopulmonary disease that would have contributed to the boy’s death. Even more confounding was that a virus isolated from a tracheal aspirate could not be identified.

Three months later, the virus was confirmed by a reference laboratory in the Netherlands and by the CDC in the United States to be avian influenza A virus, H5N1, subsequently named A/Hong Kong/156/97. In a report published later, researchers held that this particular bird flu virus had not previously caused infection in humans.

From there, billions of dollars were spent and several years of hype between 1997 and late 2002. However, beginning late in 2003 and throughout early 2004, outbreaks of H5N1 were reported among poultry concentrated in a few countries scattered across Southeast Asia. Approximately 45 people tested positive for the H5N1 virus and a handful had died. The finger-pointing began, and while a global pandemic never materialized, family farmers throughout the region were in the crosshairs.

  • In 2009, swine flu hysteria came – and fizzled out – leaving rushed-to-market, ineffective vaccines to stockpile.
  • In 2012, no one noticed the “wild polio” outbreak, because it never turned into the threat, despite the WHO hitting the panic button.
  • Then, in 2014, Ebola materialized as the next pandemic for people to fear.

Why? Why should Americans be concerned about a virus that doesn’t spread like a wildfire, that has only impacted humans equatorial Africa since about 1976, and that the CDC failed to contain in a Dallas hospital with its failed, unprepared protocols and procedures in a containment unit that allowed an infected patient to infect a nurse and doctor?

In 2016, virtually out of nowhere, Zika came on the world stage as the next great threat. The long-benign virus was blamed – without investigation – for causing microcephaly and Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS) in newborn babies in poor villages in northeast Brazil. Though Zika spread like the measles, the birth defect clusters never followed Zika’s route through Central America, into Puerto Rico, which produced 1,000 new Zika cases a week, and then Florida and the United States.

CDC Director Tom Frieden and NIAID Director Anthony Fauci cranked up the pandemic hysteria and went on a pandemic “media fear tour.” They were able to extract $1.8 billion from U.S. taxpayers and shortly thereafter, the Zika threat died and faded away.

In the end, the Zika fraud, as it is called in some scientific circles, scored not a single birth defect or emergency room visit by an American. But in today’s Vaccine Court, GBS from defective flu shots is one of the fastest rising claims submitted in the vaccine injury program.

But the pandemic preparedness—the CDC’s selling point to Congress—keeps on coming.

After striking out multiple times on non-threatening pandemics, one would think the CDC and the WHO would take a break from the panic button, drop hyperventilating over exaggerated threats, tone down the media spin, and focus on real healthcare issues, such as the US ranks last in child health outcomes compared to 19 other Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development nations with similar levels of economic development and political structures.

But instead, the health organizations partnered with mainstream media to push false fears of a recurrence of the 1918 Spanish Flu on the pandemic’s centennial anniversary, including the Smithsonian magazine and Bill Gates decrying the emergence of “Disease X.”

Caught in this broken feedback loop, in 2019 the WHO declared an Ebola 2.0 pandemic emergency. This time it was in the Congo. The threat was contained in the African jungle unless, of course, the CDC and the WHO decided to export the lethal disease to Westen countries. Why? Because on December 19, 2019, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration enabled that possibility by approving Merck’s fast-track Ebola vaccine just in time for the new year and new decade.

Many scientists have asked: Is it a good idea to take Ebola out of the lab and jungle, and inject it into the population via a live attenuated Ebolavirus? The collective answer was a firm “No.”

So, is Ebola the next False Flag pandemic to spew across America, quite possibly in 2020? We’ve all seen the men in HazMat suits, bleeding patients and dead bodies in Africa. It’s a much scarier scenario than influenza or measles. We have a deadly infection…and oh yeah. Merck has its approved, fast-tracked vaccine.  

We decided to launch the Ebola2020.com website to track information about how we believe that the Globalists have a plan to bring Ebola coming to America again—this time through a syringe for the masses. What could possibly go wrong? Everything. And since 2020 is an election year, could the timing of this be more than a coincidence?

Who We Are

We plan to get ahead of this story. We want you to know the history of hemorrhagic viruses. The nefarious weaponization of the virus. The hysteria that is whipping up in the background, with pictures meant to cause fear. We want you to know what’s happening – and why. And why we believe the mandatory vaccination bills that are trying to sweep the country really have nothing to do with measles: but could quite frankly, be laying the groundwork for rushed, pandemic vaccines.

The Ebola vaccine could very well further spread the outbreaks. With the powers in the CDC calling for its January 2017 quarantine rules, which would circumvent Congress and the Constitution, allowing for forced Ebola vaccinations, restrictions on travel, and the invasion of people’s rights to due process and informed consent – we want you to know there’s a different reality.

Ebola2020 will be on top of the unfolding Ebola story this year and beyond. We want to expose those who have been crying wolf and calling for a pandemic because they might finally get what they want by releasing a vaccine that appears to be far more deadly than the disease.

We are a small, dedicated team – we are going to chronical the next perceived pandemic – and do our best to be proactive, instead of reactive to this unfolding drama.

We hope you’ll join us. We hope you’ll share this information.

Let’s begin.



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